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May 2017

Smooth face

A range of solutions for great, fresh, young look. Combination of anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal filler and volumisers.

Perfect Lips

Ideal offers for perfect, youthful looking, plump lips for every occasion.

Beautiful Skin

Individually tailored combination of microneedling, revitalisers and growth factors provides optimal effects for naturally healthy skin.

Medical Cosmetics

Top quality skin care products for use at home at great prices.

Truly Personal

Be Yourself. Feel Younger. Expect More.

Aesthetic medicine combines both worlds: evidence-based medicine and art. Modern surgery and minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments offer virtually limitless possibilities to correct imperfections of human bodies, to harmonise external appearance with internal, subjective expectations or inline with universal standards of beauty. 


Aesthetic medicine aims at improving quality of life and increasing self-confidence. Through my hard work and passion for beauty I can offer You my experience and competence backed up by over 12 years of medical practice that guarantees highest possible quality and safety of procedures performed by me with accordance to highest standards in aesthetic medicine.


Dr Aggie Zatonska







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